Attached Staff – Grove Road Surgery

Attached Staff

FY2 (Foundation year 2) Training

The Surgery became a training practice in August 2010. Training practices have a FY2 in the practice as part of their specialist training in General Practice.

 If you are given an appointment with our FY2 you will be notified that this is the case.

4th and 5th Year – Medical Student Training

In 2007 the practice accepted 4th and 5th year medical students from Brighton Medical School as well as the London Medical Schools of Guys, St. Thomas’s, St. Barts and the Imperial College.

When medical students are in the surgery, either shadowing one of our doctors or nurses or undertaking their own consultations, you will be notified by the receptionists when making the appointment and reminded when you come to the surgery for your appointment. Medical students when undertaking a shadowing role, require your consent for them to be in the consulting room. If you do not wish the student to be present, you can request that they be asked to leave. On other occasions the medical students will actually conduct the consultation, but the GP tutor will always oversee this. Your consent is required for the student to undertake consultations, but bear in mind your GP will also be involved. As you are partaking in the student’s training the appointment will be slightly longer to allow for the tutorial aspects.