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NHS Research and Grove Road Surgery

Grove Road Surgery is pleased to be part of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) for Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  This means we are part of a network of General Practices who host medical research on a regular basis. Findings from research studies help all GPs, nurses and other health professionals provide the most appropriate and up-to-date care. Patients registered with this practice have an opportunity to help shape the future of health care by taking part in research projects.

As a member of the Clinical Research Network, we will from time to time invite patients to take part in research studies.  You will always receive clear information about what taking part in any research study would involve. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and obtain further details about the study with no obligation to take part.  Participation in any research project is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time throughout any study. Declining or withdrawing from any study will not affect your medical care in any way.

There are various ways a patient can become involved in studies at Grove Road Surgery and requirements vary from study to study and if you choose to take part, this could include;

  • Filling in a questionnaire
  • Talking to a researcher about your views/symptoms
  • Letting the researcher look at your medical notes
  • Trying a new treatment, therapy or device
  • Experiencing new combinations or timings of treatments
  • Providing samples for testing (blood, urine, breath etc.)

You may be sent information through the post, or read information about a current study in the patient waiting room or on the surgery website and wish to take part or your GP/nurse may discuss the study in a consultation where appropriate.

Research Studies

Studies cover a wide range of topics and may include:

  • Promoting healthier lifestyles
  • Disease diagnosis and prevention
  • Management of long-term illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Prevention of future ill health
  • Treating common conditions

Research news and events

The research team at Grove Road Surgery

There is a key requirement for staff members involved in clinical research to have undertaken Good Clinical  Practice (GCP) training to ensure they are qualified to deliver research within the General Practice setting.  GCP training provides the standard and guidelines to which all research is conducted.

Safety considerations

Before a research project starts, it is looked at by various organisations to make sure it is OK for you to take part.  These include an NHS Research Committee and the NHS organisation responsible for your care. They make sure any risks have been looked at, that the study is of value to patients and the NHS, and that it respects the rights, safety and wellbeing of those taking part. They also review projects regularly after they have started to make sure they continue to be safe.