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Old School Surgery And Grove Road Surgery

We are a GP Training practice, training qualified doctors to become General Practitioners and regularly have a GP Registrar and medical students working with us. This means that your Doctor may have someone sitting in with them who may be a Student or a Doctor who want to know more or are training to be part of General Practice.

Qualified doctors training to become General Practitioners are called GP speciality trainees – GPStR’s. They too offer appointments, telephone advice and home visits.

The GP Partners are the only doctors permitted to have registered patients. It is not possible to register with a Registrar.

The GP Partners are all registered managers for the Care Quality Commission committed to meeting all standards as required.


Your consent is again required for the student to undertake the consultation, but bear in mind that your GP will also be involved and because you are partaking in the student’s training the appointment will be slightly longer to allow for the tutorial aspects.