Need help with a non-urgent medical or admin request? 

Register with us as a New Patient

Register online

The NHS online registration form collects your details, a brief outline of your medical history and a record your preferences. This information may be added to your record and will allow us to begin to provide you with medical services.

Please complete one form for each family member.

Choose your surgery:

Do you live in our catchment area?

We are happy to accept new patients who are ordinarily resident in the UK and living within our practice boundary. Check if you live within our practice boundary by using the interactive map and postcode checker.

Grove Road Surgery

Old School Surgery

Manor Park Surgery

If you are unsure whether you are living within our area, please phone us and we will check your address for you.

Register with a paper form

Would you rather register with a paper form? Download, print, complete and deliver to the practice in person.

You will need to supply us with proof of ID (any document with your name and address on), we can then take a copy of the original for you when you are attending in person. 

Non-urgent advice: When will registration be completed?

Once all the form has been received correctly filled in, registration will take 10 to 14 working days. We will be unable to supply medication until registration has been completed.

You will be assigned to a doctor who will be your Named Accountable GP. 

You will be added to the practice list, not an individual doctor. You can ask to be seen by any of the doctors in the surgery but it will not always be possible to see the doctor of your choice on a particular day or time.

Your NHS number is a 10 digit number, like 485 777 3456. You do not need to know your NHS number to use NHS services, but it can be useful to have it.

When you register, it’s helpful to have your NHS number. You can use the NHS website to find your NHS number.

If you need help with translating, interpreting or sign language when accessing our services please contact:

Vandu Language Services (local interpreters) – Tel: 01273 473 986, (out of hours call 0800 0087 650), Fax 01273 488701, Website:, Email: [email protected].

Sussex Interpreting Services (local interpreters) – Tel: 01273 234802, (out of hours call 07811 459 315), Fax, 01273 234787, Website , Email: [email protected].

Prime Productions (not advocacy) – Mahsum Khan, Tel: 0844 482 0471, Fax: 0844 482 0475, Website:, Email: [email protected].

Language line (telephone interpreting only) – Tel: 0845 310 9900.

Action Deafness – Tel: 0844 593 8443, Fax: 0844 593 8444, Website:, Email: [email protected],

Remark! – Tel: 0207 269 2626, Fax: 0207 404 6435, Website:, Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Action on Hearing Loss – Tel: 0845 685 8000, Fax 0845 685 8002, Website:, Email@ [email protected]


You can register with us if you are homeless or of no fixed abode but reside within the practice boundary. Further information can be found on the NHS website.

From 2020, adults in England will be considered potential donors unless they choose to opt out or are excluded. For more information please visit the Organ Donation NHS UK where you can also register your decision.