Dr Luke Verghese Celebrates 50 Years Of NHS Service

From the early days of his career, Dr Verghese demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to patient care.

Dr Verghese who was born in Malaysia qualified in 1974 at the Royal College of Physicians in London, and MRCS Royal College of Surgeons of England. He started his career at St. Helens Hospital, Hastings as a House Physician and House Surgeon at the Royal Sussex Hospital, Hastings.

He then carried out a stint as a Senior House Officer in Paediatrics. In 1977, he was a Senior House officer in Medicine at St Marys Hospital, Eastbourne. He then had extensive experience in A&E at Eastbourne District General Hospital before becoming a locum in both GP practices and the hospitals.

Celebrating 50 Years of NHS Service: Dr. Luke Verghese.

In 1982 he established his career as a GP Partner in the White House Practice before proudly becoming a Lead Partner and establishing the Grove Road Surgery in 2000.

Whether it was a routine check-up or a critical emergency, he was always there, putting his patients first. His late-night calls and weekend clinics became legendary, earning him the respect and gratitude of the entire community. Dr. Verghese’s empathy and genuine concern have touched hearts, saved lives and improved health outcomes for those he has served.

As the senior General Practitioner at Vita Healthcare – Grove Road Surgery, Dr. Verghese has been a guiding force. He mentored young doctors, instilling in them not only medical knowledge but also the importance of patient-centred medicine. He has been a supporting figure for all those in the Vita Healthcare Team.

to continuous learning and professional growth has been unwavering. He embraced new technologies, stayed updated on medical advancements, and inspired his colleagues to do the same. The impact of his service reaches far beyond medical charts.

Patients and families share stories of how he provided comfort during difficult times, offered hope when it seemed scarce, and celebrated victories alongside them. His kindness, humility, and genuine concern have made him a trusted figure in our neighbourhood.

As we honour Dr. Verghese’s 50-year milestone, we recognise that his legacy is not just about longevity—it’s about the lives he has touched. His tireless dedication has left an indelible mark on our community.

Thank you, Dr. Verghese, for your extraordinary service to the NHS. May your next chapter be as rewarding as the last five decades. There are no mutterings of retirement, and we look forward to many more years of working with Dr Verghese in serving our population.