Initiation of Statins

Updated Guidelines – Initiation of Statins

Patients who have certain conditions, usually heart or blood vessel related diseases, or strokes are advised to take statins. Updated guidelines also include a group of patients whose kidneys are not working as well as they should.  Kidney function naturally declines with age, doctors call this condition Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Most patients with CKD have very mild disease.  The condition is usually managed by GPs reviewing blood tests and monitoring your medications when you request them. Further information on CKD can be found at: Chronic kidney disease – NHS (

You have been identified by the team as having one of the above conditions. We have reviewed your latest blood tests as guidelines have been updated.  Following review, we suggest that we start you on a statin. If you have previously been on a Statin but not tolerated it, please contact us and we can consider other options.

What happens after you start a Statin or increase the dose?

–          We will invite you for another blood test around 3 months after you start a statin.

–          If dose increases are needed you will be informed following your blood test.

Looking for further information?

Heart UK – Have a great video explaining what Cholesterol is and why it is important we reduce it –

NHS Website: Statins – NHS (