Improved Control of Cholesterol

Updated Guidelines – Improved Control of Cholesterol

Patients who have certain conditions, usually heart or blood vessel related diseases, or strokes are advised to take statins.

Guidelines regarding treating high cholesterol with medications called statins have recently changed. The changes mean many more patients are eligible for medications to help them lower their cholesterol.  Where your blood tests may have previously been considered acceptable, it may now be the case that you can benefit from reducing your cholesterol further.

We have reviewed your latest blood test results, and suggest that we either start you on a statin, or increase the dose of your current statin medication. 

What happens after you start a Statin or increase the dose?

–          We will invite you for another blood test around 3 months after you start a statin.

–          If dose increases are needed you will be informed following your blood test.

Looking for further information?

Heart UK – Have a great video explaining what Cholesterol is and why it is important we reduce it –

NHS Website: Statins – NHS (